Codetta’s mantra is “good design is good business” What that means is a product design should ascend above the competition through superior form and function. This in turn improves, or creates, a bottom line for your company and instills brand loyalty in your customers. This is a key strategy in creating a long term, sustainable business.

Our advantage is that we work collaboratively with our clients implementing a design process that has low overhead and is flexible to our client’s corporate culture and brand requirements. This makes us both an effective and efficient member of your design team. We bring creative talent, technical expertise and decades of product design experience to the table. Our designs well designed, user-centric, and budget minded.

Our priority is your success, making the design process transparent and enjoyable, and providing first rate, reliable service. Some of our clients have been with us since our inception almost ten years ago. This alone speaks volumes of our integrity and results.

Contact us to discuss how Codetta can fulfill your design needs:

Codetta Product Design
200-733 Johnson Street
Victoria, BC Canada

tel 1-250-382-5045



• Product Concept Development and visual brain storming
• Product Specification and Planning
• 3-D Rendering
• Product Design Engineering
• Rapid Prototyping
• Design Documentation
• User Interface Design and GUI Graphics
• Product Graphics
• Packaging Design

Depending on our client's needs and resources we can play a role in a portion of the project, or provide support in every aspect of bringing a product to market from conceptualization, to prototype, to mechanical and packaging design.

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